Tableau Desktop Fundamentals

The training addresses to those who are trying Tableau for the first time, or have a basic experience of that, no matter their analytical or technical backgrounds.

DURATION: 16 hours | TIME: 9: 00-13: 00
WHEN: 29 and 30 OCT – 5 and 6 NOV | PRICE: €600


Its aim is to make these users immediately productive. The training is mainly practical and intuitive, from the Tableau basic skills, to the simple and complex grafics, also combined in some interactive dashboards.


  • the success of the visual analytics
  • how does Tableau work?
  • terminology
  • tableau workspace
  • how to explore data
  • sharing data and views
  • connecting to a file or a server
  • tableau data source
  • join / union / cross-database join
  • data preview
  • live or extract connections
  • sizes and measures
  • types of data
  • crosstabs and higlighted tabs
  • bar charts and histograms
  • line plots and area charts
  • treemap and bubble charts
  • maps
  • pie charts
  • scatterplots
  • histograms & bins
  • views enriched with total, continuous and middle lines, clusters, tooltip viz and highlighters
  • size clusters
  • discrete and continuous axes
  • simple orders
  • multiple measurments on the same tab, or on the same axis, or dual axis
  • row-detail calculations or aggregated calculations
  • calculations with temporal functions
  • logical functions and KPIs
  • calculations of parameters
  • quick table calculations
  • filters through sizes, measurements and dates
  • show filter
  • hierarchical filters
  • SET filters
  • global filters on the data source
  • surf data in pages
  • data blending versus cross-database join
  • relationships among data sources
  • using two or more data sources in a worksheet
  • how to combine worksheets and other objects in a dashboard
  • using shared filters
  • creating interactivity through actions
  • layout for mobile devices
  • organizing worksheets e dashboards in a story

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