Tableau Server

Business Analytics for organizations


Query your data
using natural language

The power of Tableau Server allows you to ask questions in natural language and get visual and interactive answers.
Simplifies your work with automatic indexing and profiling.
Lets you extend your analysis by adding new data sources and new dashboards, thanks to its web authoring tool.


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Tableau Server e l’IA integrata

Tableau Server and integrated AI

Artificial Intelligence gives you a deep understanding of all your available data thanks to advanced statistical models that surface information that is difficult for even the most experienced analyst to extrapolate.

You can connect to any data source securely, both locally and in the cloud

You can work with the most common enterprise data sources such as Cloudera Hadoop, Oracle, AWS Redshift, cubes, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server and more. Tableau Server provides you with a web data connector and API to access hundreds of other data sources.

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Gestione centralizzata e flessibile dei tuoi dati

Centralized, flexible management of all your data and data security

Tableau Server lets you control sources, metadata, access rules and usage statistics centrally with the perfect combination of flexibility and user control. Whether your company uses Active Directory, Kerberos, OAuth, or another security standard, Tableau integrates seamlessly with the security protocols used. You can manage user and group authentication, ensure the security of your database through sophisticated permission management, line-level filters, multi-tenancy options and granular control of what users can do with data.


Flexible distribution

Whether you want to keep your data locally or in the cloud, Tableau Server has the flexibility to integrate with your existing infrastructure and reduce deployment time and costs. You can install it locally on Windows and Linux, or on Cloud with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Integration is not only simple but also fast: with Tableau Server you can install, configure and get users up and running in less than an hour.

tableau server flessibilita
tableau server solutions

The most suitable solution for each type of user

Within each organization, there are different types of users: users who prefer to work on a standard dashboard; experts who like to customize views and data sources and share them with colleagues; and enthusiasts who want to experience web authoring functionality.
Tableau Server has thought about each and every one of them, with a different solution to fit every requirement.

Flexibility, reliability and scalability at every level

Tableau Server is easy to implement and monitor. Its visual interface lets you monitor content, users, licences, performance, and quickly manage permissions and usage.
The stability of Tableau server is guaranteed by a robust failover and a rapid disaster recovery system.
You can upgrade or reduce your licence, update or add nodes at any time according to your needs, without any interruption in the use of the platform.

Flessibilità, affidabilità e scalabilità a tutti i livelli
Massima libertà di gestione in un ambiente integrato

Maximum freedom of management in an integrated environment

With Tableau Server, organizations can manage every data governance phase 360 degrees within the same environment to have maximum control: prepare data with Prep Conductor, catalogue and search it with Tableau Catalog, and manage it efficiently, even for mega distributions using Data Management Add-on.

Tableau Server:
integration and innovation

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