Our Tableau
Consulting Services

The advantages of buying Tableau through us: the added value of
a Tableau Partner

Our consultants have a deep knowledge of the processes and the ability to understand the needs of the Business and define the related analysis models.

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Ecoh Media has been a Tableau Partner since 2012 and has a decade of experience in Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics and Data Warehousing.

This expertise and the innovative approach which has always set us apart means we can give total support to the private companies and public sector organizations that want to use Tableau to improve strategic analysis of their business data.

Choosing our consulting service means choosing options that are perfectly tailored to any particular business type, and making the most of the potential of this tool, which, in just two years, has become an outstanding leader in its sector.


Choosing the right licensing model for Tableau means understanding your needs and finding the perfect mix of licenses to meet them.

Clients who choose to purchase Tableau through Ecoh Media receive extensive proactive support. And this is the first step to ensure a successful implementation.


The Tableau platform is characterized by its flexibility and ability to adapt to the client’s needs.
Which is why installing and configuring Tableau Server requires careful attention not only to the hardware, software and network requirements but also to deployment methods.

Linux or Windows, on-premise or cloud, local or Active Directory/LDAP based authentication, use of SAML/Kerberos for Single Sign On (SSO) or custom SSO, firewall and reverse proxy configuration for Internet exposure, Tableau Server embedding in web applications or web portals via Tableau API and more.
Many years of experience and dozens of Tableau Server installations have enabled Ecoh Media’s Tableau Architects to give you proper support in this project phase so as to ensure a successful deployment.


Web Integration

We’ve been dealing with the web since we started out over fifteen years ago, and we’ve found Tableau has just the right mix of flexibility and power needed to build new web applications or integrate intranet portals and existing applications with dashboards and data views.

And all of this is accessible via web and mobile and integrates your company’s authentication systems and applies the proper authorization policies.

Data organization

Visual Analytics and Data Visualization generate high expectations, but what happens if the data is not properly organized to support these tools and ensure performance that meets expectations?

Is it better to directly access the data sources or consolidate data in an external Data Warehouse?

Or to import it into Tableau to take advantage of its high-performance In-Memory Data Engine or to externalize it to a highly scalable cloud?

Ecoh Media can help you find the right solution when building optimized data sources for analytics using Tableau.

We offer a pragmatic approach and, thanks to our many years of experience in the extraction, transformation, cleaning and integration of data in relational, multidimensional (MOLAP and ROLAP) and Big Data environments, we strive wherever possible to keep complexity to a minimum and ensure time and cost savings.

Product Consulting

Working alongside Ecoh Media professionals to develop YOUR reporting solution, has, in addition to offering additional “on the job” training to the team, very often proved to be the winning formula in widely varying contexts, from the simple creation of a Proof of Concept (PoC) or an initial set of projects to the implementation of complex and advanced projects.

In all cases with the aim of communicating a clear, coherent message that informs and involves the public.

Tableau training Courses

Tableau is an easy-to-learn-and-use product and the Tableau website is a rich source of free on-demand tutorials.
But Tableau is also a sophisticated and powerful tool and there’s no doubt that a targeted period of training can translate the investment in software licenses into a success story faster.


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