Ecoh Media carpooling project

As it goes ever more ‘green’ and eco-conscious, ECOH MEDIA has put its environmentally-friendly ideas into practice by delivering a company-car pooling project.

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The project is inspired by the now well-consolidated experience in both the public and private sectors. Moving on from the concept of solely reducing exhaust emissions, is now seeking to strengthen strictly non-work-related ties and cooperation among our corporate colleagues.

So, the project is currently mainly aimed at Ecoh Media in its different offices. However, it is potentially open to those who, having become aware of our project and sharing its aims, want to be part of it in the areas where are offices are based.


The project is to set up a commuter carpooling network which organizes car journeys demand and supply using special online software in our website’s reserved area accessible using credentials which can be requested at

The expected results, on the basis of experiences already achieved in other businesses, are:

  • lower commuter car traffic
  • lower travel costs
  • lower emissions
  • lower energy consumption
  • greater benefits for the individual user/carpooler
  • lower psychophysical stress from traffic
  • greater socialization between colleagues or new travel companions
  • lower accident risk

Regulatory references

The decree of the Italian Ministry of the Environment of 27 March 1998 regarding “sustainable mobility in urban areas,” provides, under Article 3.1, that public bodies with individual local offices with over 300 employees shall adopt home-work commuter journey plan for its employees and that this plan shall have the aim of reducing the use of individual private means of transport and improving the organization of working hours in order to reduce traffic congestion and emissions.

We are taking this law as our point of reference in adapting it our corporate situation.